UK VAT Registration & Submission Services for Amazon FBA Sellers in UK

Amazon UK VAT Services

Venturing into the customer base of another country in Amazon can be thrilling, exciting, challenging, and frustrating as well.

The United Kingdom is particularly not easy to navigate with her numerous federal, state, and local laws. Apart from that, you will have to deal with customs and international shipping too.

However, since you are not conversant with UK laws, sales tax, or any other rules, you need someone to help you ensure you are avoiding pitfalls and making the most of your time and resources.

About VAT on  UK Sales By Amazon

If you are an UK based company and store goods in the UK, sell to UK consumers, and exceed the distance selling UK VAT threshold of £85,000 after 12 months of trading, you are legally liable to register and file for VAT. Otherwise, if you are based outside the UK and you meet the threshold or store your goods in any location within the UK, you are liable for VAT. Amazon takes the liability of VAT by its third party sellers seriously to comply with the Laws and regulations set out by HMRC of the UK.  


VAT registrations, calculations, and in-depth analysis can, however, be tedious and time-consuming. So, it is always best to leave your VAT calculations for a professional accountant.

Why choose STERLINX?

Sterlinx helps businesses from the local, US, Canada, and other EU or non-EU countries with their international e-commerce trade by taking over the complexities of managing their UK VAT.

UK VAT Registration

Before you can register for VAT, you need to be knowledgeable in local tax legislation and procedures, including the relevant language skills. Without this, your application can be questioned or rejected, which can delay business growth.

Sterlinx provides a personalized, simple, and cost-effective service. So, you can rely on our team of VAT experts to help you obtain the VAT number and other registrations that you require as fast as possible.

Dedicated Manager

The VAT landscape in the UK is very daunting. So, Sterlinx provides a dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable account manager that can give you technical and practical advice regarding your VAT compliance requirements.

VAT for Amazon is not trivial. Avoid bills problems and penalties by getting it right the first time. Our VAT services includes everything your business need to stay compliant with HMRC for all the regulations.

UK VAT Return Filing

Once you have registered for VAT, you are required to file the periodic VAT returns. Failure to submit the VAT return on time or late settlement of VAT liability will attract penalties.

Not to worry, Sterlinx can present a well-detailed return filing and help with the online submission of VAT returns. Do it the easy way with Sterlinx today! Do what you do the best and outsource us the rest! We will handle it all for you. effectively and efficiently.


VAT Registration Includes

VAT registration for UK or foreign entity in the UK is £280+VAT. VAT Certificates will be emailed to you uploaded in your portal on our site. The time current time frame to get you an UK VAT number is 1 to 7 working days. 

£280+ VAT


Disclaimer: If you have an UK entity and you have already opted in for our UK accounting services, you will not require to purchase any of our UK VAT package or Bookkeeping services. They are both included in the accounting package for STANDARD and GOLD services while the VAT is not required for the BASIC package.

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