French VAT Registration & Submission Services for Amazon FBA Sellers

French  VAT

If you are considering expanding your Amazon operations to the France market, then you have probably heard of Amazon VAT (Value added tax).

The Amazon VAT may seem highly complicated to you as a new EU seller, but it isn’t really as complex as you think once you have an expert to guide and help you with all issues regarding VAT.

Before we get started, here are a few thoughts to have in mind when you’re expanding your Amazon business into the Frence Market:

  • VAT is a legal requirement when selling in France or any other European country. So, you are legally responsible for VAT.

  • You can start small and sell in only one country first till you familiarize yourself with how VAT operates.

  • You will need to do some administrative work when selling to the Frence customers.

About Amazon VAT  on French Sales

If you store goods in France, sell to French customers and exceed the distance selling France VAT threshold of €35,000 per annum, following the laws guiding the members of the EU, you are obligated to charge a 20% VAT rate on all orders from France. So, foreign Amazon businesses providing services and goods in France are required to register for VAT before they can venture into the French market.

However, you can also save yourself the stress and solicit legal and professional assistance regarding VAT registration and everything regarding VAT.


The VAT registration for France is £280+VAT. The VAT Certificates will be emailed to you uploaded in your portal on our site. The current time frame of getting a French VAT number is between two to 12 weeks. If you sign up for our VAT submission package below, we will register your VAT for FREE with the following service.

One Off VAT Registration France

£280+ VAT

Disclaimer: If you have an UK entity and you have already opted in for our UK accounting services, you will not require to purchase any of our UK VAT package or Bookkeeping services. They are both included in the accounting package for STANDARD and GOLD services while the VAT is not required for the BASIC package.

How Sterlinx Can Help

Sterlinx provides VAT solutions for Amazon sellers regardless of your present country, enabling you to turn your dreams into reality.

Through our flexibility and expertise, we will support your business so that you can rise above complexities and focus on your online growth.

We offer these VAT services:

VAT Registration

To register for VAT, you will need to be knowledgeable about local tax legislation and their procedures, including relevant language skills. This is where Sterlinx comes in to help.

We will appoint our local Fench VAT expert in France within our organisation who will assist you and offer you guidance with your complete VAT registration and VAT compliance process.

VAT Return Filing

After a successful VAT registration, you are required to file periodic VAT returns in France where all taxable transactions that took place that month will be reported.

Sterlinx offers a comprehensive return filing solution, and also keep you compliant while you are on the search for more business opportunities to help you expand and scale your business!

Account Managers

Sterlinx provides a dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable account manager that can give you technical and practical advice regarding your VAT compliance requirements.

Don’t let something as little as VAT hinder your business growth, contact Sterlinx today! We would be prompt and happy to help you! Customer success is our primary goal and we strive for the same.

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