Polish VAT Registration & Submission Services for Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon Sellers  VAT for Poland

Getting familiar with Value Added Tax (VAT) is a necessary part of growing your Amazon business. Before you can trade in Poland as a foreign business owner, the business must have been VAT registered in your home state.

For companies selling goods registered under the European Union, the VAT registration threshold is PLN 160,000 per year. A fiscal representative is also required for a company that is not registered under the European Union.

About VAT on Poland Sales by Amazon

  Upon exceeding the VAT threshold, all goods and orders on Amazon in Poland attract a VAT rate of 23%. In most cases, you are registered for VAT in Poland is due to the current fulfilment facilities that Amazon has in Poland to fulfil their orders in Germany and nearby countries. When your goods are stored in one of the polish fulfilment centres, you liable for VAT registration and filing.  


VAT Registration

The VAT registration for Poland is £280+VAT. The VAT Certificates will be emailed to you uploaded in your portal on our site. The current time frame to get the VAT number vary between two to 12 weeks. If you sign up for our VAT submission package below, we will register your VAT for FREE with the following service.

One Off VAT Registration Poland

£280+ VAT

How Sterlinx Comes in to Help

Sterlinx provides professionals that have been legalized to operate on Amazon to come to your aid. Sterlinx helps your business grow an online appearance and significance by providing you with every information you need to know about VAT on Poland sales by Amazon; this will further increase your business’ turnover.

Our services are reliable because they are handled by experts who are highly qualified in Ecommerce VAT services. All these services are offered on behalf of Amazon sellers.


Registering for Poland VAT may not be as easy as it appears, especially without going through the right channel. However, at Sterling, we make the VAT registration process quite easy for our customers by putting them through and helping them get ready the required documents. There are requirements to be met before one’s VAT registration can be successful.

It is essential to have basic knowledge on Value Added Tax (VAT). At Sterlinx, we lecture you on the things you need to know about Local Tax legislation, required language skills. We make the whole registration procedure less stressful by providing a Polish expert that will serve as a guide through the course of registration.

VAT Returns Filing

After the registration process has been completed, it is essential to get educated on VAT returns. In Poland, VAT returns are done manually and electronically. However, the Return Filing – which is a periodic VAT returns, has to be put in place. The filing could be done quarterly or monthly, and this is dependent on the turnover of the business in question.

Regarding Return Filing, one can never go wrong with Sterlinx.

Sterlinx helps you pick the best VAT returns suitable for your business and go further to assist in the online submission of VAT returns effectively and without bothering you unnecassarily and making accounting an easy process for you.

Dedicated Manager

You want your business to grow as fast as possible? Then go all out for it! A dedicated account manager at Sterlinx has gone through rigorous training and professional certifications to meet your demands.

Our dedicated account manager helps in every step of the way to get your VAT compliance requirements right. We have got you covered at Sterlinx.

Our team strives to work with you day and night to ensure that your jobs get done effectively! The manager is generally a highly qualified personnel who has years of experience handling clients in the financial sector. He is trained to get things running in an E-commerce business. You will simply love working with us.

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