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Amazon’s PAN EU option is an excellent choice for sellers looking to expand into new markets. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to sell to European clients by storing your products in fulfilment centers across European countries.

Which Countries Does It Apply To?

As of today, Amazon owns fulfilment centres across 7 EU countries: Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. However, the most important thing you need to take note of is that when you join the Amazon PAN EU, you will be keeping stocks in other countries. Therefore, you must register for VAT in each of those countries, which means you will register for VAT and file VAT returns periodically in seven countries.

If you are a Non-EU based business and you keep stocks in Non-EU countries like Canada or the US and also sell into Europe, then you might need fiscal representation for VAT purposes in some of the nations. Even if it is not compulsory in all countries, language barrier and compliance difficulties make the fiscal representative appointment a smart move.


VAT Registration

The VAT registration for all seven countries is free of charge with our PAN European VAT services. The VAT Certificates will be emailed to you uploaded in your portal on our site. The current time frame to get the VAT numbers vary between two to 12 weeks for all seven countries while the UK is only one to seven working days. 

There are two types of PAN EU VAT services we have, one is for a company based outside any of the seven countries listed in PAN EU, the other one is for a company based within one of the countries listed from PAN EU FBA. You may need to sign up for six countries or seven countries VAT depending on your situation. Please sign up from below:

PAN EU VAT Registration

Registering for VAT in all Pan EU countries takes numerous amount of time. Each country has its distance selling the threshold, so if your net turnover is still below the threshold for one of the EU countries, you can continue to declare and pay VAT only in the country where your goods depart. However, once you reach or exceed the distance selling threshold or decide to keep stocks in the country, then you must be VAT registered.

How Sterlinx Can Help

As experts in PAN EU VAT, Sterlinx helps Non-EU or EU based Amazon sellers navigate easily through the complexities of selling to the EU markets.

Our VAT specialists will ensure that your business is successfully registered for VAT in the EU countries that you operate in when you reach the selling threshold or when you store goods there.

VAT Registration

We will take care of all the paperwork, filing on your behalf and keep you informed every step of the way during the registration.

VAT Return Filing

Filling VAT returns requires VAT laws knowledge and social language skills. Sterlinx can help you take stress away by handling your VAT returns.

VAT Support

Sterlinx is here to help Non-Eu Amazon sellers reach out to more European markets. kindly reach out to us today and let’s show you that we are  right!

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