Dutch VAT Registration & Submission Services for Amazon FBA Sellers

Netherlands VAT for E-Commerce Sellers

Are you an Amazon seller thinking of storing and selling your products in Netherlands? It’s always exciting when you want to expand your business to new horizons. However, there are tax laws in Netherlands that you need to consider because they will play a significant role on how functional your business will be in Netherlands.

Why You Need to be  VAT Registered in Netherlands

There are various reasons why an Amazon business needs to be registered in the Netherlands. VAT Registration is required for the following activities:

  • Importing goods into Netherlands for sale or distribution

  • Selling products to customers from Netherlands over the internet (Amazon).

  • Reaching the distance selling threshold of €100,000

  • Storing goods in a warehouse in Netherlands as consignment stock or in an Amazon fulfilment center.

As a foreign seller, understanding the Netherlands tax laws can be daunting, and some paperwork needs to be filled in Dutch. However, having a professional VAT firm on your side assures you have all the VAT support that you need during and after registration.


VAT Registration

The VAT registration for the Netherlands is £280+VAT. The VAT Certificates will be emailed to you uploaded in your portal on our site. The current time frame to get the VAT number vary between two to 12 weeks. If you sign up for our VAT submission package below, we will register your VAT for FREE with the following service.

One Off VAT Registration Netherlands

£280+ VAT

How Sterlinx Can Help

Selling in other countries can be challenging, but Sterlinx can make it easy. We offer a one-stop solution for all the VAT related issues.

Our services include:

VAT Registration

To register for VAT in the Netherlands, you need to be knowledgeable in the relevant language skills and tax laws. Also, in addition to becoming VAT registered, your business may have to apply for other registrations like fiscal representation and so on.

Sterlinx provides a simple, customized, cost-effective registration service.

You won’t need any knowledge of local laws, and you can benefit from our team of multi-lingual specialists to help you get your VAT number.

VAT Returns

Our knowledge and experience ensures that your VAT returns are accurately filed, and that VAT is paid on time. VAT returns are usually paid monthly in the Netherlands, but it may be paid quarterly in cases of low net turnover. So, you will need to be diligent in keeping track of all your Netherlands sales, and VAT returns must be submitted timely to avoid penalties.
You can trust Sterlinx to do all the number crunching for you and ensure your returns are filed timely.

VAT Compliance

VAT Compliance

After a successful VAT registration, VAT compliance should be a top priority. Your business must remain VAT compliant, as failure to do so can attract hefty penalties, and your Amazon account could be suspended in the process.

Sterlinx ensures you stay compliant with VAT, and lifts all compliance burdens off your shoulders as our vat compliance specialists will see to it all from the beginning to end. 

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