Italian VAT Registration & Submission Services for Amazon FBA Sellers

Italy VAT

Value Added Tax (VAT) and all other related taxes keep on getting more complex day by day. So, whether you are a growing your business or you are a large Amazon business looking to expand to Italy, the way you handle your VAT in Italy will have a significant impact on your business operations.

Many Italian Amazon sellers are paying more VAT than they are supposed to, which may be because; they are unfamiliar with the local Italian legislation or fall behind in the strive to keep up with the continually revolving laws.

When Do You Need for an Italy VAT Registration?

When you store goods in Italy, or when you sell products to Italian consumers above the Italy distance threshold level of €35,000 per annum, following the laws governing members of the EU, Amazon is obligated to charge VAT on all orders you get from Italy. So, you need to first register for VAT before you can launch into the Amazon Italy marketplace.

VAT registrations, calculations, and in-depth analysis can, however, be tedious and time-consuming. So, it is always best to leave your VAT calculations for a professional accountant. Because if you do not handle it the correct way, you might get fined afterwards.


VAT Registration

The VAT registration for Germany is £280+VAT. The VAT Certificates will be emailed to you uploaded in your portal on our site. The current time frame to obtain an Italian VAT number vary between two to 12 weeks. If you sign up for our VAT submission package below, we will register your VAT for FREE with the following service.

One Off VAT Registration Italy

£280+ VAT

How Sterlinx Can Help

At Sterlinx, we understand how difficult VAT registration, Filing returns, deciphering your total VAT fee, as well as the number of reliefs you are entitled to can be, but we can support you every step of the way for all VAT issues.

We will help your business to ensure it maximizes its VAT position while also remaining compliant with all rules and laws.

We offer a wide range of VAT services, and they include but not limited to;

VAT Registration

Backed by experience and expertise, Sterlinx gives you peace of mind while helping you register for VAT in Italy. Our specialists are always on deck to ensure you are successful at the first attempt without having to do it again and again!

VAT Return Filing

After obtaining a VAT number in Italy, your company is required to file an accurate and up to date periodic VAT return. Sterlinx can help your business fill a VAT return as well as pulling through with its online submission through a efficient process.

VAT Compliance

VAT is a complex tax and Italian authority enforces penalties for any error. Our team of VAT experts will guide you through the maze of regulations and ensure you stay compliant as you expand your business!

Account Managers

Our specialists and accountants have the industry experience to guide you through complex VAT scenarios by offering you practical solutions. If you have any questions need VAT support and advice, kindly reach out to us today!

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